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The town of Mont Belvieu, Texas, is located along the gulf coast. This geographic region is recognized for its vast underground salt cavern storage facilities. Several refineries are also located in this area. Many of the companies specialize in the production of light hydrocarbon products. Enterprise Products is a major employer in town. They act as a supplier of hydrocarbon products and also as a storage facility. Their significant storage capability allows them to lease space to many companies.

Custody Transfer Turbine flowmeters

Enterprise Products utilizes turbine flowmeters extensively for custody transfer and “balancing” their storage facilities. Balancing a particular storage facility accounts for product removed and product that has been added. This type of application requires a bi-directional turbine flowmeter that is extremely repeatable over a period of time, is accurate, and can tolerate the service conditions. Many of the applications at Enterprise are more challenging in that the product is dehydrated without the usual lubricating properties associated with hydrocarbon products.

Bi-Directional Hoffer Turbine API Series Flowmeter

One flow application that presented particular problems in terms of measurement was for very dry, ultra-pure iso-butane coming straight out of the dryer. Enterprise had used turbine flowmeters from another turbine supplier for this application. The Measurement Specialist at Enterprise Products indicates that they had replaced the turbine flowmeter internals 23 times within a four-month period on the competitive flowmeter. They contacted Hoffer Flow Controls for a resolution to this problem. Hoffer recommended a bi-directional 4″ Hoffer turbine flowmeter from our API Series of custody transfer flowmeters. Additionally, we recommended a special type of ball bearing that is shielded and self-lubricating.

Incorporating this bearing type into the flowmeter would assure that the flowmeter could tolerate the dry conditions that it would consistently be exposed to. Hoffer has successfully used this bearing for cryogenic custody transfer applications for hundreds of flow systems supplied throughout the world.

The 4″ bidirectional Hoffer turbine flowmeter has been in use for more than five years.

Proving this flowmeter, which includes the original flowmeter internals, has shown great repeatability over the years. In fact, the proving data shows the following results.

Date     Meter Factor    Flow Rate (B/Hr)
Year 1       1.1638                 1610
Year 5       1.1637                  1480

Note: Accurate balancing is extremely critical to any storage facility. Enterprise Products proves this particular flow meter monthly. They report that the meter factor on this Hoffer flowmeter has been extremely repeatable over the five-year period during which it has been installed.

The Mont Belvieu Enterprise Products facility has approximately 125 Hoffer API Series turbine flowmeters installed in custody transfer and balancing flow applications. Providing accurate and repeatable turbine flowmeters is what Hoffer does best. Contact Hoffer Flow Controls to see how their flowmeters can work in your flow applications.

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Hoffer Flow Controls has been designing and manufacturing quality liquid turbine flowmeters and related process instrumentation for more than fifty years. Our initial experience was in the field of cryogenic flow measurement. Today our reputation in this field is synonymous with quality. Today Hoffer Flow Controls manufactures high-precision turbine flowmeters to measure clean liquids and gases throughout the processing industries. Please be sure to follow Hoffer Flow Control on Linked In

Custody Transfer Turbine Flowmeters from Hoffer Flow Controls

Hoffer Turbine Flowmeters are available in a broad range of standard and special materials. The wide range of construction options allows for selecting the optimum combination of useful range, corrosion resistance, and operating life for a particular application. A low mass rotor design allows for a rapid dynamic response which permits the turbine flowmeter to be used in pulsating flow applications.

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Custody Transfer Turbine Flowmeters


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    We provide best solutions that will meet the extreme conditions
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    We provide best solutions that will meet the extreme conditions associated with your subsea and oil and gas applications.

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    We offer complete flow measurement packages for the offshore drilling, production and well-servicing environments.



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